Pharb Hangover Relief Medicine Party Favor Pack

Pharb Hangover Relief Medicine Party Favor Pack

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Pharb Hangover Relief Medicine Party Favor Pack contains 12 individual Pharb packs. Each Pharb pack contains 2 individually wrapped packets. 

Pharb is an FDA approved OTC medicine that is clinically designed to relieve headache, fatigue, heartburn, upset stomach and symptoms of a hangover and/or overindulgence.

Our 12 pack bulk cases are one of the world's most popular party favors! If you're planning to share alcohol at your next big event, be sure to also share Pharb.

Pharb Party Favor packs are perfect for graduation parties, wedding parties, New Year's Eve parties, bachelor and/or bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, concerts, St. Paddy's Day (heck, any holiday), Mardi Gras, weekends, Spring Break---you name it!

Be a gracious host. Bust out the Pharb Party Favor Pack and let your guests sing your praises for sparing them a headache later!

*Pharb does not prevent intoxication. Use alcohol responsibly. Don't drink and drive.