Pharb's Story

Pharb’s story begins with Dr. Feelgood.
A true humanitarian who cared deeply about the pains of those who suffered the excruciating effects of alcohol overindulgence.
Tormented by the thought of anyone suffering needlessly in hangover hell, Dr. Feelgood resolved to solve the problem.
After spending countless hours of research diving deep into herbology, pharmacology, and pharbaceuticals, Dr. Feelgood finally experienced a Eureka moment...

Dr. Feelgood submitted his formulation to the FDA where Pharb received approval as the first FDA recognized, over the counter hangover relief medicine. Pharb was not only found to relieve hangovers, FAST, but also provided powerful relief from headache, fatigue, heartburn, upset stomach, and generalized aches and pains associated with a hangover.

Dr. Feelgood took Pharb and starting sharing his formulation with all his local neighbors, the results were amazing! Twas time to enter the majors. Dr. Feelgood launched Pharbegeddon- as he headed across the nation stopping at bowl games, Mardi Gras, college campuses, concerts, night clubs, parties, events, and bars, handing out free samples of his life-changing, hangover relief medication.

Pharb became an overnight sensation!
A cult-like following quickly emerged as Pharb was found on NASCAR, Howard Stern radio, MTV commercials, and in every retail and convenience store.

How does one explain Pharb’s galactic rise to success? Simple... It Works!
Pharb provides powerful hangover relief, Fast!

No more hours in bed, pounding head, wishing you were dead, mornings...
No need to down additional drinks, curse your friends, boss, family, or neighbors!

Just 2 golden pills, in one convenient packet and BAM problem solved!

Today there isn’t a place where Pharb cannot be found,

and Dr. Feelgood is still a saint, formulating powerful remedies for all humanity.

Writing Desk

Hello Pharb Goodbye Hangover Hell!

Pharb Do’s and Don’ts:

Never leave home without Pharb...
Never Serve alcohol without Pharb...
Friends don’t let friends drink without Pharb...

Remember, No one deserves to suffer in post-alcohol purgatory; Pharb provides powerful hangover relief,#pharbon


*PHARB Does NOT prevent intoxication. Always Drink Responsibly. Don’t Drink and Drive.