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Your most common questions

2 pills will solve your ills ;)

As fast as possible ;) Most people swallow them with a glass of water.

15-20 minutes

We recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner. We also highly encourage pregnant women to NOT drink while they are pregnant.

We recommend taking 2 pills every 8 hours for as long as symptoms persist.

Yes, PHARB is an FDA approved OTC medicine that is clinically designed for relief of headache, fatigue, heartburn, upset stomach and symptoms of a hangover/overindulgence.

PHARB is everywhere! You can get PHARB right here on our website, Amazon, or any of the following retail locations: Walmart, [list other stores and convenient stores], and the official PHARB entourage (download our GPS tracker app, then head on over to the PHARB Bus and Blimp to get your fix).

PHARB does NOT prevent hangovers. The only way to prevent a hangover is to NOT drink. Since not drinking may not be an option, PHARB has you covered in the event you overdo it. Dr. Feelgood, being a true humanitarian, formulated PHARB to ensure no one would suffer needlessly in post-alcohol purgatory. #hangovercure

PHARB does not prevent intoxication. PHARB is an FDA approved, OTC medication clinically designed to relieve hangovers fast. Always drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive. Nothing makes Pharb more furious than drunk drivers. Be smart--get a Lyft (or Uber).   ;)

PHARB works! PHARB is the only FDA approved, OTC medication clinically designed to cure symptoms of a hangover, FAST! PHARB provides hangover relief, fast, with just 2 convenient pills. No need to gag down an effervescent drink when you feel like vomiting, or drink “hangover prevention” drinks while drinking. PHARB pills are the perfect solution to your hangover ills. Plus, PHARB has a pink elephant, Dr. Feelgood, the PHARB Bus and Blimp, #PHARBists, killer swag, and give-aways galore. Need we say more?

PHARB wasn’t designed to encourage the irresponsible use of alcohol. PHARB is designed to help those who’ve overdone it. Everyone has different reactions to alcohol and that reaction changes with age, sleep, and what you’ve had to eat. So for even those using alcohol responsibly, painful side effects can arise. PHARB provides powerful hangover relief, enabling those who’ve overdone it to get back on their feet so they can be there for their family, friends, and professional responsibilities. We dream of a day when no one will need our product, but till then we’ll be a friend and rescue any deserving soul from hangover hell. Remember, no one deserves to stay in post-alcohol purgatory.

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PHARB had a NASCAR from 1998-200?. You can read all about it here.

PHARB is a Dr. Feelgood Formulation owned by Pharbaceuticals.

PHARB is a Dr. Feelgood Formulation owned by Pharbaceuticals.

PHARB is Made in the USA!

Yes, you absolutely can get a PHARB tattoo! Please do send us pictures so we can share with all our PHARB followers.

PHARB loves you too!

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