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      PHARB® Hangover Relief Medicine Good Samaritan Supply Pill Bottle contains 24 caplets. Our Good Samaritan Supply is the best way to ensure you always have enough Hangover Relief handy--plenty to spare and plenty to share.

      PHARB® is an FDA recognized hangover relief OTC medicine designed to relieve headache, fatigue, heartburn, upset stomach and symptoms of a hangover and/or overindulgence, FAST!

      Keep our PHARB® 24 CT Good Samaritan Supply Pill Bottle handy in your glove box, desk, purse, backpack, apartment, home, sprinter van or wherever your next adventure takes you. If you're sharing alcohol with someone, do them a favor and also share PHARB®! Remember, friends don't let friends drink without 

      *PHARB® does not prevent intoxication. Always use alcohol responsibly. Don't drink and drive.

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