Finding PHARB?

Posted on June 07 2019

Finding PHARB?

Okay, friends, are you ready to play Finding 

PHARB®? If you remember Where's Waldo, you are going to love 

Finding PHARB®!

Where's Waldo Finding Pharb

As you know, wherever there's a party, there's PHARB® and your job is to find him. We've created 2 examples to get your creative juices flowing and then we're going to let all you #pharbists create your own submissions. We'll compile all entries into a lovely book that will adorn the coffee tables of all our beloved PHARB® fanatics, worldwide.

Can you Find PHARB® at Coachella?

Finding Pharb Coachella

And after you've found PHARB®, can you find Dr. Feelgood? I figured I'd start you out with an easy one. Are you ready for another one? This one may prove a bit more difficult, especially so if you've already downed a round or two.

Can you Find PHARB® at Mardi Gras?

Finding Pharb Mardi Gras

What about Dr. Feelgood? If you can't find Dr. Feelgood, look for his signature PHARB® hat!

Now it's your turn. Create your own Finding PHARB® entry. We're giving out prizes. That's right, you know we love and reward our #pharbists so get your submissions in and we'll let everyone vote via social media.

All contestants whose entries make it into the book will receive a complimentary Finding PHARB® Collector's Edition book. The book will contain a bio on each #pharbist and include a shout out to their portfolio, website, business or whatever you want to be included in your bio blurb.

The #pharbist whose entry garners the most votes via social media will be dubbed our Finding PHARB® Royalty and as such will not only receive a complimentary book, bio, but will also have their artwork featured on the cover of our Finding PHARB® Collector's Edition and win 2 tickets to our next VIP event. For those of you familiar with how PHARB® parties, you know these tickets are priceless! 

Okay, enough said, you know what to do. Share this post with all your fellow #pharbists and let's get this party started. We'll feature all entires on social media so be sure to upload your entries to instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, our website, email and simply tag it #findingpharb and #pharbist. 3-2-1 GO!